About Our Testing

About the Scoring

High quality web sites earn high scores because they are owned by business people who care about quality. The web sites listed in the Safe Shopping Network have been tested by us to help you decide which ones you should shop at. You can see each web site's scores by looking at the bars on the right side of each web site listing. Higher bars mean higher scores and higher scores mean these merchants are working hard to earn your trust. We take the trouble to test and score each web site for you. This provides you with objective information from an objective source: Safe Shopping Network.

Safety Scoring
Some merchants care, some don't. That's why we perform rigorous safety testing on each website listed! more..
Usability Scoring
Some sites just make no sense or are hard to navigate. That's why our team of shopper/writers visit each one to give you their personal opinion. more..
Performance Scoring
"Error 404, page not found" We hate that! Sites where the links don't work, are slow, or are poorly designed get low scores! more..
Overall Scoring
All three scores are added together and divided by 3 to obtain an average and overall rating for the web site.. more..