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The Relationship Between "tested content" and Paid Advertising:

The Safe Shopping Network lists web sites in various (more than one) categories based on advertiser placement and billing preferences. For example, a web site that sells shoes and socks might choose to be listed in both categories. The individual web site is tested and identical test scores are posted in both listing categories.

All web sites in the Safe Shopping Network have been tested. Over 4500 of the Safe Shopping Network web site listings are paid listings. Approximately 500 other listings have been tested and listed but are not paying advertisers. These free tests and free lists are included for larger companies that the Safe Shopping Network considers to be of prime interest to consumers.

No web site is listed in the Safe Shopping Network that achieves a combined score of less than 70.

The "Top 100 Sites" do not pay extra for appearing in this category. They are automatically chosen by software based on their score ranking. They are ranked within the top 100 from all sites within the database.

The Safe Shopping Network Relationship with Qualys:

The Safe Shopping Network agreement with Qualys allows interested merchants to run independent security scans and allows the Safe Shopping Network to run security scans for merchants choosing to advertise within the Safe Shopping Network. The Safe Shopping Network and Qualys usually contact merchants that run independent security scans as part of their company marketing efforts. Neither the Safe Shopping Network nor Qualys have any financial agreement in place, which includes financial exchanges. Qualys supplies the Safe Shopping Network with contact information provided by merchants that enter through the Safe Shopping Network in exchange for leads for potential Qualys sales. Qualys also supplies the Safe Shopping Network with detailed test summaries for all tested sites. No security data is publicly posted by either company. Rather, the data is forwarded directly to the merchant contact point that requested the test.

The Safe Shopping Network Security Seals

As clearly noted on the Safe Shopping Network, the Safe Shopping Network security seal is provided free of charge to all web sites that have been tested by the Safe Shopping Network and have publicly visible test scores on the Safe Shopping Network’s web site. These seals provide convenient consumer links from a merchant web site to the web site’s test scores. It is considered illegal to display the Safe Shopping Network security seal without complete testing and Safe Shopping Network approval.