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The Safety Search, Inc.
dba: SafeShoppingNetwork.com
Since Feb:2000
Employees: 12
Achieved Profitability: 2001
Users: Over Six Million
Advertisers: Over 4500


About SSN

Contact Information


Corporate Headquarters Address:
5709 Calvin Ave.
Tarzana, CA. 91356
Phone: 818.609.9726
Fax: 818.344.8390


SSN is a guide to the tested best shopping websites online. Our testing technologies have the ability to test many safety and reliability features of any merchant online. No other company possesses such consumer oriented testing software and results and our users know that. We have used these technologies to test thousands of top merchants from Amazon on down successfully mining useful safety and reliability information for consumers. We have used our data to create the first standard for Internet safety and reliability on the web. As visitors browse our listings they are able to compare each site to that standard.

We provide consumers with unbiased information, allowing the consumer to refine their search to find the best merchants on the Web. This all interprets to very high performance listings for our advertisers. Safe Shopping Network users are shoppers looking to buy - our average click-through rate to merchants is over 70% throughout our site and the average click-to-purchase rate is 5.4%.


Patricia A. Shennum
CEO & President
Ms. Shennum has fifteen years of experience in online Internet marketing and advertising. She is a co-founder, co-owner and primary investor of The Safety Search, Inc., and was involved from the very beginning development stages in 2000. In 1998, she was involved in the development of Gold Rush Inc., which helped spark the affiliate marketing industry. In 2000, Gold Rush was sold to a Minneapolis firm called Commission Junction, now one of the world’s most successful affiliate networks online.

Ms. Shennum participates with the continuing development of the format of the Safe Shopping Network and does extensive internet and marketing research, testing, data processing, customer service, data entry and grant writing. She is actively involved in all aspects of the business. She attends numerous SEO and Internet marketing conferences every year. She supervises the testing of individual websites with Safe Shopping Network’s unique testing capabilities for performance, safety and usability. Ms. Shennum holds two masters degrees in the fields of Behavioral Sciences and Special Education. She also has twenty-four years teaching experience in the fields of special education on Guam and California combined.

Dr.John M. Ryan.
COO and Senior Vice President of Testing Technology
Dr. Ryan joined Safe Shopping Network in 2002 from Intel and is one of the company's co-founders and serves as the COO and Senior Vice President of Testing Technology. Dr. Ryan's extensive background in statistics, network controlled quality and highly efficient flow systems led to his development of the company's Internet based across-the-web test technologies. Dr. Ryan has previously held a number of international management positions with Intel, Seagate Technology and Read-Rite Corporation where he has developed and implemented world-class manufacturing, quality systems, and training programs throughout Asia.

Dr. Ryan also has a vast amount of additional quality assurance history such as administering the Quality Assurance Division for the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture and is the 2008 Laureate winner of Computer World honors program (Honoring Those Who Use Information Technology to Benefit Society) and RFID World’s 2008 Excellence in Business (Protecting the Environment) awards for establishing the country’s first state-level RFID fresh fruit and vegetable traceability and food safety certification project. Through his career he has one published book (The Quality Team Concept in Total Quality Control, ASQ, 1992) and has written over 30 published articles.

Cassi Hennessey
Vice President , Marketing & Sales
Cassi Hennessey oversees leads and manages Safe Shopping Network’s Direct Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Online Marketing, Event Marketing and Internal Creative Services. Her strong operational and strategic development experience makes her a key member of the executive team. Since joining Safe Shopping Network in 2000, Cassi has been responsible for Research and Development, Client Account Management nationwide, and has played an integral role in developing strategic partnerships with advertisers, publishers and third party partners. Prior to Safe Shopping Network, Cassi worked in the credit repair and debt management industry. Her purpose and passion in life is to give back to her community and help others become savvy in shopping safe online and helping ecommerce merchants increase their overall click to purchase ratio with their online marketing efforts.

Mark G. Ryan is the original creator and founder of The Safety Search, Inc., dba Safe Shopping Network. The company website was officially launched January 2000 in Tarzana Ca. Mr. Mark Ryan is solely responsible for sparking the affiliate marketing industry back in 1998 with Gold Rush Inc. in Solvang CA and subsequently sold it to a company in Minneapolis in 2000. That company is now known as Commission Junction www.cj.com. Commission Junction has grown to be known as an internationally known affiliate marketing business with offices around the world.

Mr. Ryan was an entrepreneur and Internet visionary. He had an eye for the future in the Internet industry. He saw things years before they came to existence. Sadly he never saw his visions and dreams come true. His life was cut short in 2007 after a lengthy incurable illness. RIP Mark Ryan.


Current partners include Compuware, Qualys (a Verisign company) and ExclamationSoft. If your company sees a great partnership opportunity with SSN please contact info@safeshoppingnetwork.com.